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Polgármesteri köszöntő

The Mayor’s greetings

I am delighted to sincerely welcome you, dear Visitor!
An honor for me to be the first one as mayor to welcome you to the renewed website of our town.
Due to folk sources Bodajk was named after Bodok, in other words Vertes-hills. Bodajk and its surroundings have been inhabited since ancient times, as it was explored already by the palaeo-men and they could make use out of all its natural features for their needs. Out of the historical people, the Avars and Romans had been living here for a long time. There are plenty of tangible proofs for this: Avar graves, numerous Roman artifacts, coins and the stone coffin found in 1920’s. This coffin can be found currently in front of one of Bodajk’s monumental buildings, the City Hall.
The diverse and rich traditions of Bodajk are part of our lives and strengthen the love and respect of our closer community. The memories of our built environment, the city's attractions, events and programs truly reflect the honour of our values.  
With our renewed website we intend to provide wide and detailed information about our city’s life to the people living here, the ones interested in Bodajk and to the returning visitors.
Our intention is that those who visited our website will recieve guidance to better understand the everyday life of the people living here, the history, the economic, cultural and touristical life of the town and the favourable conditions thanks to its geographical location – meaning all those values ​​which we are so proud of.  
The portal is dedicated to express Bodajk Municipality’s citizen- and guest-focused efforts, in other words the city leaders take into account all the needs which can serve and support the visitors and inhabitants of Bodajk.  
Dear Visitor, we really hope to arouse your interest in our city, and you will have the chance to experience the hospitality and the unique atmosphere of Bodajk via making an excursion in the Gaja-valley, on Calvary, or roaming our streets.
Wishing you all a pleasant and useful browsing!
Yours sincerely,
Lorant Wurczinger
Mayor of Bodajk


8053 Bodajk,
Petõfi Sándor u. 60.